Codeine Phosphate 30mg to buy online is the right option to get rid of pain easily. This wonderful pain relieve medication is used as an opioid that mean it is a medication derived from naturally occurring Opium Poppy that is much better than many other synthetic medications; while it has a long lasting effect in comparison to other medications. Buy Codeine Tablets online as it is also refered to as a narcotic medication.

In this way, it is really addictive and people can get addicted quite easily with prolonged use of this medication. Many people have misused codeine over the years due to which it was made a prescription medication as a result of which this great pain killer went out of reach for millions of people.

Right Dosage for You – Know before Placing Your Order to Buy Codeine Tablets Online

Placing your order to buy Codeine tablets online is good way, but you should also know about the right dosage. Usually the patients should start from smaller doses and then increase them as per needs. Usually patients could take a dose of somewhere between 15 to 50 mg every four hours without and side effects. But the daily intake of codeine should be limited to 360 mg or below it.


Patients who are allegoric to Codeine should check this before taking proper doses of the medicine. Patients suffering from lung problem or breathing problem should not take this medicine. Pregnant women should avoid using Codeine.

Side Effects

Patients might notice a change in their skin color after taking and overdose of codeine. If any swear reactions occur one should consult a doctor and seek medical help.

Buy Codeine Tablets Online

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